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This range of ingenious cantilever parasols are exceptionally versatile and remarkably hard-wearing. Boasting both a 360° rotation and also a unique side to side tilting feature that is intelligently designed to allow the canopy to track the sun and cast the perfect shade throughout the day.

Numerous mounting options includes a wall mount which is fast gaining traction as it frees up valuable floor space. Canopy tensioning options have been exquisitely engineered for smooth and single-handed operation. Choose between the lever system (standard) or a winch system for opening and closing the canopy. The canopy fabric is attached using a quick release system, making it a breeze to remove for seasonal changes or care and maintenance.

Versatility, durability and aesthetic design all align to make the Picollo a genuine patron of shade.



With 25 years under its canopy this is Woodline’s original design, now more popular than ever before. With over 50 variable combinations of shape, size and pole dimensions, in addition to Tilt or Non Tilt options, this distinguished range of premier wooden market parasols has proven to be a true companion of time. Meticulously crafted from the finest grade eucalyptus, sourced only from 100% FSC certified timber mills, and highest quality weather resistant fabrics, with durable stainless steel fittings. This is a wooden parasol that is build to outlast all others.

Features include a built-in stainless steel pulley system for the smooth opening of the canopy, an easily removable canopy attachment system with stainless steel eyelets for seasonal changes or fabric care, and the convenience of tilted pole options on select models. The Safari with its all wood structure stylishly casts shade in todays modern era with authentic old world charm.



Strikingly bold the Pendulum knows how to make the right impression. Featuring 360° head turning rotation, effortless opening and
closing with a smooth as butter winch system and a magnificent mix of premium quality stainless steel linkages, aluminium and
eucalyptus post materials. The pendulum is poised at the pinnacle of cantilever parasols.

There's little that exudes splendour quite like the extravagant use of space, the Pendulum's massive cantilever design ensures an
abundance there-of. Cool superbly shaded space.

The Pendulum frame is available in Aluminium or Wood.



At heart, the Papillon is the absolute socialite. Its dual post framework invites views and conversations to go on, unobstructed, in glorious shade and shelter, day and night. This unique range of shade can not help but bring an air of grandeur to its surrounds. It stands alone as the largest of all Woodline shade solutions and yet this extraordinary shade can easily be extended further by articulating two or more Papillon structures together.

Wind Stabilizers add stability to the side arms especially when updrafts are experienced. Stabilizers are standard attributes of the Eucalyptus & Stainless Steel as well as the entirely Stainless Steel Papillon structures. Available on the Aluminium & Stainless Steel structure as an OEM order option.




The Bravura range is a brilliant contemporary take on the classic market parasol, combining the beauty and strength of mixed medium components. Sleek anodized aluminium frame is complimented by warm eucalyptus hubs bringing together the best of two worlds in a feat of engineered elegance. The double pulley system enables long lasting, smooth operation of the canopy, and stainless steel eyelets allow for easy fabric removal or updates.



Engineered for strength, the Storm is fashioned from ultra corrosion resistant aluminium and marine grade stainless steel used in the construction of super yachts. Its burley structure is designed to withstand the onslaught of natures fury. Through careful consideration Woodline has selected and developed the most resilient canopy fabrics to defy the attention of the whipping winds and scorching sun. 

The built in dual pulley system of pure stainless steel assures  smooth and effortless operation day after day.

Tested in some of the worlds most challenging conditions at South Africa's "Cape of Storms", Woodline's Storm range stands strong regardless.



The Mistral market parasol range, with its minimalist aesthetic, perfectly illustrates the elegance of simplicity. Resilient, functional and maintenance free, it hits the mark with longevity and style. For OEM orders premium grade screen-printing on the canopy offers excellent branding opportunities for  commercial applications making the Mistral as comfortable in the market place as it is at home.

The Mistral's ribs and pole are offered in two options, choose from either Aluminium (standard) or Eucalyptus (alternative) with non corrosive  composite upper and lower notches. The canopy is opened and closed effortlessly with a built in pulley system.

A stainless steel hook is used to keep the rope neatly wrapped.



Don't let the Swifts skinny form fool you, it is made of tough stuff. From the high quality, polished stainless steel pole to the high grade aluminium ribs and world class canopy this petite little parasol's elegance belies its strength.

The only parasol on the market with a 25mm stainless steel centre pole It's optional hight adjustable pole and the convenient tilt mechanism make it perfect for intimate spaces placing the shade you want were you want it.



The Taku range of market parasols offers simple and effective design, engineered with fine workmanship from quality materials for long lasting service, at great value.

Featuring a ultra corrosion resistant construction of composite components, aluminium pole and ribs with stainless steel pulley system. The Taku is perfectly positioned for any budget.




Make the most of your parasols outdoor presence by giving your brand its day in the sun, everyday. The quality and engineering of our parasol frames, coupled with the ease of which the canopies can be attached and replaced for various marketing messages through the years make our parasols the best solution for your functional outdoor branding.


Printing on topside of canopy

The parasols outstretched canopy offers prime outdoor branding real estate. Visible from a distance and from above, make the most of your parasols outdoor exposure by printing on the topside of your parasols canopy.

Printing on underside of canopy

The underside of its canopy is a great space for people to get up close and personal with your brand and its message. Predominantly viewed whilst enjoying the shade and sheltering benifits of the parasol at close quarters.

Printing on added valance

The vertical sides of a valance offer the perfect space to communicate your brand's story or message, directly in the line of sight just above head height and visible up close or from a distance.

Printing on cover bag

Make sure your brand is out there even when your parasols canopy is not by printing on the cover bag.


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Woodline has created a wide range of base systems to anchor your shade exactly in the right spot. Browse our collections of free standing, mounted and speciality base systems and select from a range of material finishes to suit any enviroment and setting.

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Woodline Tubes and Pole Stands are designed to be interchangeable on the majority of the base systems. They are available in various finishes including hot dipped galvanized (S_HD-Gal) or powder coated (S_PC) steel, and stainless steel with either a glass bead blasted (SS_GBB), polished (SS_POL) or powder coated (SS_PC) finish. Hot dipped Galvanized steel is standard the others are available upon request.

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fabrics and colour banner

Tested under the African sun and around the world, Woodline has seleceted from the finest outdoor fabrics the world has to offer and uses only the most resilient.


100% Sunbrella solution dyed colour fast fabric is UV, water, mould & stain resistant. A real world leader in outdoor fabrics.

• Fade Resistant     • Water-Repellant
• Resist Mildew     • Breathable
• Resist Stains     • Easy To Clean

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Sewing Thread

When it comes to parasol canopies even the best fabric in the world is only as good as the thread that binds it, that is why we only use thread that is strong enough to hold through extreme climates. Thread that is made to last and will not fade in the sun. Seralon by Amann is just such a thread. Its 3 ply continuous filament construction has a 55.5N tensile strength rating and comes in a range of fade resistant colours.


Woodline's Primo fabric is Primo fabric is a range of customized fabrics specifically made for shade.


Syntec outdoor fabrics are made from polyester and are completely water, soil and oil repellent.

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care maintenance banner

Every Woodline shade solution is meticulously engineered to the nth degree to maximize not just their form and functions, but also to make sure that they outlast even the hardest of conditions. Each item is crafted from the finest marine grade weather resistant materials, specifically selected for their ability to endure.

Though our shade solutions are built to last, the relentless and extreme nature of the outdoors dictates that proper care and maintenance will always extend the lifespan of any item.


Constructed from the finest quality aluminium, marine grade stainless steel and most durable sustainable Eucalyptus timber. Our frames have been tested in some of the worlds most inhospitable enviroments and have only ever benifited from the appropriate application of caution and common sense in excessive wind conditions.

We advocate the use of our cover bags to prolong the life of the canopy frames and their covering fabrics. We recommend the closure and safe storage of any collapsible and removable components when the parasol is not in use or when winds are expected to exceed 40km/h (24.8mph).

Wooden Components

We only use sustainable Eucalyptus timber hand picked for its strengh, weather resistance, and replenishment efficiency from the worlds finest FSC accredited plantations and timber mills. Our wooden components are treated with marine yacht varnish to fortify them for outdoor living.

We recommend the periodic care of wooden components with a light sanding and reapplication the varnish coating once a year to maintain the woods natural beauty.


All fittings, nuts, bolts, pulleys and cleats components are made with with non corrosive marine grade stainless steel and weather proof nylon. Maintaining these fittingsand components is imperative to the longevity and the proper operation of the shade system. A simple occasional fresh water rinsing will help keep them working well and looking good.


It is essential to pick the right base for you parasol, consult the base chapter as a guide and talk to our sales team to ensure that the parasol you choose has the appropriate base to keep it anchored properly.


Our canopies and fabric covers are made from the most durable, colourfast, and dirt repellent fabrics in the world. That said, proper care such as storage when not in use and cleaning from time to time will undoubtedly extend their lifespan.